Wednesday, 2 March 2011

To be Known and Loved

(A post of stereotypes which I see all too often in this world)
A wise man once said that “people just want to be known and loved for who they truly are.” That seems simple enough, but when I look around it is such a foreign concept. Everyone is trying to perform. To be someone that others will like, because well... simply we fear, that if they know us, the real us, they might not like us. I think about the air brushing and photo editing which goes into every magazine picture, and it sickens me that societies idols set such an unattainable standard. Maybe that is why we idolize them. If after all, we could become like them, we wouldn’t have much to look up too. Yet so many still strive after this impossibility. They try to look and act just right. They try to become those to whom society gives attention. They try because they want to be loved. I wonder if many celebrities feel unfulfilled in the love they receive. I wonder if they have compromised themselves to get the attention which they now receive. I wonder if they feel loved at all, or if they feel that we just love the image they present, their face on the magazine, and not the real them after all. When we hide ourselves behind a mask do we fail to receive the love that others send our way? When we refuse to love people until they reach our standards our love becomes shallow and conditional. We have created a death trap...
What do we do?


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