Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I have since become involved in panicked scenery.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


The Narnians have been deceived by an Ape who shows them a false Aslan and barks out commands as if they were from Aslan himself. Only these new commands go against the character we know Aslan to be. King Tirian finds a donkey dressed up as Aslan, which the Ape uses to deceive the Narnians. He then comes across some dwarfs who have been sold in to slavery because of “Aslan’s orders”. He is excited to show them that it has all been a lie. He shows them the obvious flaws in what they had believed, but they do not respond as he had hoped.

“I don’t know how all you chaps feel, but I feel I’ve heard as much about Aslan as I want to for the rest of my life... You must think we’re blooming soft in the head, that you must... We’ve been taken in once and now you expect us to be taken in again the next minute. We’ve no more use for stories about Aslan, see! Look at him! An old moke with long ears”
“By heavens, you make me mad,” said Tirian “which of us said that was Aslan? That is the Ape’s imitation of the real Aslan. Can’t you understand?”
“And you have got a better imitation, I suppose! No thanks. We’ve been fooled once and we’re not going to be fooled again.”
“I have not,” said Tirian angrily, “I serve the real Aslan.”
“Where’s he? Who’s he? Show him to us!”
“Do you think I keep him in my wallet, fools?” Said Tirian “Who am I that I could make Aslan appear at my bidding? He’s not a tame lion.”
“Not a tame lion, not a tame lion... That’s what the other lot kept on telling us.”
Tirian had never dreamed that one of the results of an Ape’s setting up a false Aslan would be to stop people from believing in the real one. He had felt quite sure that the Dwarfs would rally to his side the moment he showed them how they had been deceived.