Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Is it I Lord?

He said he might
clock out soon
he was sick,
very sick he told me
but he didn’t want the bug
to kill him.
He tried to cough it out

he tried to sneeze it out.
There where a lot of
sick people there
And what he had
wouldn’t go away.
He had tried everything;
Cough medicines,
Cold medicines,
Syrups and pills,

but it didn’t work,
so he said he might clock out.

The clock there was dead.
Someone in anger must have ripped it off the wall.
They had scrunched the hands,

and left it on the table.
Left it to find someone who,
could feel the pain
that they felt inside.

Would something be done?

These were people here;
Not Animals.
They were not to be picked up and squished in a van.
If they were dogs,

Animal Rights would have gotten mad,
but they are people.

Dignity stolen.
Who will stand up for them?

Who will shout out?
Who will yell?

Someone has to talk for them.
They could talk for them selves,
but who would listen?
Who wants to hear from the ones they crushed?

We don’t want for those we stepped on,
to stand up.
We want them to be forgotten


Its been long enough.
The time is now;
before the clock goes out,
before more clocks get broken.
Its been long enough.

The time is now.
Time for someone to stand up.
Time for someone to shout out.
Are we ready to listen?
Its time.
Ready or not.