Thursday, 18 July 2019

(790-1000) Almost half way there

  1. Thankful for a walk today with SJ
  2. Thankful for afternoon naps
  3. Thankful that I like to write. 
  4. For inspiration to apply for jobs. 
  5. For my place of employment. 
  6. For the email from my boss congratulating me that I am getting married. 
  7. A new friend to welcome us at a new church. 
  8. Music
  9. Seeds that are growing. 
  10. Perseverance in making this list. 
  11. The three sisters. 
  12. Dads who hold their child's hand. 
  13. The chance to do life with a partner. 
  14. SJ's caring nature. 
  15. SJ's dedication to me. 
  16. Mutual commitment. 
  17. A couch to sit on. 
  18. Friends who care about me. 
  19. The game boggle. 
  20. The game catch phrase 
  21. Playing games with SJ. 
  22. Talking with SJ. 
  23. A bed to sleep in. 
  24. The moments when I have energy. 
  25. Trees with impressive roots. 
  26. Trees that grow on mountains. 
  27. Trees that grow fruits. 
  28. That I have a stomach. 
  29. A small intestine. 
  30. A large intestine. 
  31. The moments when those organs don't cause me pain. 
  32. Church organs
  33. I am thankful we got a free frisbee. 
  34. We played frisbee today. 
  35. We went for a run today. 
  36. For every activity I do with Sandra. 
  37. Mexican food that we can make at home. 
  38. Exercise. 
  39. Stash of cookies. 
  40. Bedtime. 
  41. Green spaces. 
  42. Hill from which we could watch the airplanes land. 
  43. Airplanes
  44. Our new friend C. 
  45. Friends who are happy for me. 
  46. I am getting married next week!
  47. My boss.  
  48. I'm thankful that I can kiss my girlfriend in public. 
  49. Support from my family. 
  50. Pretty buildings. 
  51. Positive public spaces. 
  52. That I could take my class outside today. 
  53. Sunshine. 
  54. G and his truck and his willingness to help us. 
  55. I am grateful that my fear about my neighbours is mostly irrational. 
  56. Bridges downtown. 
  57. Safety. 
  58. Journaling. 
  59. Pancakes with chocolate chips in them. 
  60. Dark chocolate chips. 
  61. Sharing with SJ
  62. Dark chocolate that my coworker shared with me. 
  63. My friend E's haircutting ability. 
  64. My new haircut. 
  65. The day off today. 
  66. Good news from the landlord. 
  67. People willing to help out for my wedding 
  68. I'm thankful SJ has legs!
  69. I'm thankful people at work know we are getting married. 
  70. When people offer congratulations!
  71. When people are happy for us  
  72. When people feel they can relate to us. 
  73. For my friends K and R who could come visit us. 
  74. For the river. 
  75. For flood preventions. 
  76. For art. 
  77. For the happy time we had longboarding. 
  78. For our friendly neighbours C and M. 
  79. That they came in our house to help us sort out problems. 
  80. Fire alarms. 
  81. My car. 
  82. Proximity of our house to where we were longboarding. 
  83. SJ's humour. 
  84. Her willingness to laugh about hard situations. 
  85. That we bought health insurance. 
  86. The really friendly insurance person who spoke on the phone with me. 
  87. Her excitement about our upcoming wedding. 
  88. Her sadness about what had happened. 
  89. The volunteer in the ER
  90. The friendly security guard and peace officer who let me park illegally. 
  91. I am thankful for breath. 
  92. I am thankful for SJ's breath. 
  93. I am thankful for friendly nurses, particularly one from NS. 
  94. The doctor who set SJ's leg. 
  95. My credit card to pay upfront.  
  96. The comfy chair they brought for me to sleep in. 
  97. Cookies. 
  98. Doctors who understand budgets. 
  99. Doctors who understand timeframes. 
  100. Hospital staff who are excited about our wedding. 
  101. Doctors who suggest affordable follow up plans. 
  102. Interesting books. 
  103. Lullabies that I can sing to SJ. 
  104. A family that cares. 
  105. Food in hospitals. 
  106. Bones that can heal. 
  107. Surgery that can help bones heal properly. 
  108. Reusable containers. 
  109. Reusable water bottles. 
  110. Friendly staff. 
  111. Places to fill up my water bottle. 
  112. Every time we get to tell someone that we are getting married. 
  113. I'm thankful for the sun and the rain and the sun and the rain. 
  114. I'm thankful for warmed blankets in the hospital. 
  115. I'm thankful for Canadian healthcare coverage. 
  116. I'm thankful that hospitals don't need to be perfect or beautiful in order to be functional. 
  117. I'm thankful for increased accessibility for those with low mobility. 
  118. People who choose to be friendly even though they are going through difficulties of their own. 
  119. Windows. 
  120. Sleep!
  121. My quiet house. 
  122. Interesting stories one gets to overhear in the ER. 
  123. My first aid training. 
  124. An understanding and amazing fiancĂ©e. 
  125. Work. 
  126. New hair product. 
  127. The ability to accomplish goals. 
  128. Crutches
  129. Wheelchairs
  130. For our wedding!
  131. For G and J and J who were able to come. 
  132. For B. I felt like she was my maid of honour. I was so glad she was there with T. 
  133. For G and his willingness to film the wedding. 
  134. For J, the photos he took, and that he and my sister brought my nieces and nephew. 
  135. For K, and her lovely speech and that she was there with her family. 
  136. For Mom and V, and their willingness to pick up the cake, flowers and sandwiches for us. 
  137. For our marriage commissioner P, and her kindness. 
  138. We are married!!
  139. I'm thankful for our honeymoon in Edmonton. I know many think it is not the most exciting place, but it was perfect for us. 
  140. That SJ made me plan my lesson today. 
  141. My lesson today. 
  142. Building relationships with students. 
  143. Students who smile and laugh. 
  144. I am thankful for all my tomato plants. 
  145. My happy friends. 
  146. Lesbians who find love. 
  147. My doctor and her advice. 
  148. The large number of tests that can be done to determine health. 
  149. Thunderstorms. 
  150. Boggle. 
  151. Planting tomatoes. 
  152. Making cookies. 
  153. Being in love. 
  154. Being committed one person.
  155. I'm thankful for SJ's mom. 
  156. For her love
  157. For her support. 
  158. For the communication we have with her. 
  159. For her care and concern. 
  160. For new students who bring energy into the class. 
  161. Afternoon naps. 
  162. Bed. 
  163. The game hear me out. 
  164. Games I can play with my students. 
  165. Sunshine in the morning. 
  166. Dreams that remind me that distracted driving is bad. 
  167. Fiddler on the roof. 
  168. I am thankful for the soundtrack of that musical. 
  169. For the discussion on traditions and non-traditional marriage. 
  170. I'm thankful I have many days to work, and I am thankful for every day I have off. 
  171. I am thankful for the RAM. 
  172. I am thankful for my coworker L. 
  173. For her acceptance even though she has little understanding. 
  174. For her teaching methods. 
  175. For the way she taught and encouraged my students. 
  176. For our conversations. 
  177. For the chance I have to see her more, now that I am subbing. 
  178. I am thankful for my coworker B. 
  179. Thankful for her helpfulness. 
  180. Her smile. 
  181. Her knowledge. 
  182. Her presence. 
  183. Thankful for my coworker S. 
  184. The way she helps me feel welcome. 
  185. The candies on her desk. 
  186. Her smile. 
  187. I'm thankful for crossword puzzles. 
  188. Thankful I can discuss them with my coworker F. 
  189. Thankful she asked to see wedding pictures. 
  190. Thankful when people treat our marriage like the would any other marriage. 
  191. Thankful we are working on our PR stuff together. 
  192. For free printing at the library. 
  193. For the Spanish I can learn little by little. 
  194. For every culture I learn about as I interact with my students. 
  195. For how much SJ loves me. 
  196. For how understanding she is. 
  197. How she wants to know what I am going through. 
  198. Her sincere questions. 
  199. The way she listens to me.
  200. The way she values me. 
  201. Her desire to make me happy. 
  202. I am thankful when she is happy. 
  203. I am thankful that I have my library card number memorized. 
  204. For the time I spent in England. 
  205. For the time I spent in Wales. 
  206. For the beauty of Wales. 
  207. For green hills and sheep. 
  208. For my wife who is dedicated to taking care of the house. 
  209. For doctors in my family who can offer advice. 
  210. For my grandparents card for our wedding, even though they did not come. 
  211. For the gifts and money people gave us for our wedding.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Carry on (581-789)

  1. I'm thankful that my dad grew up in Bolivia. 
  2. Thankful for the trips he took me on. 
  3. For the bit of knowledge that I have about this vast world 
  4. DQ ice cream cakes. 
  5. My experiences in different countries. 
  6. Modern medicine. 
  7. SJ breathing by my side. 
  8. Nose hill. 
  9. Big comfy rocks. 
  10. Gentle wind. 
  11. Crepes
  12. Bottle depots. 
  13. To be able to choose if I want to go to church or not, without having that choice motivated by guilt. 
  14. Healthy pizza with zucchini on it. 
  15. I am thankful for my mom. 
  16. Her work ethic. 
  17. Her moral standards. 
  18. Her generosity. 
  19. Her love for me, even when she doesn't like all my choices. 
  20. The summers we spent on Salt Spring Island so she could work. 
  21. Her eccentric ways. 
  22. Her enjoyment of pickleball. 
  23. The peaceful house in which I grew up
  24. I'm thankful that it does get above 20 degrees in Alberta. 
  25. For the buds on the trees growing into leaves. 
  26. Pizza for every meal of the day.  
  27. Sleeping in, but still getting to work on time. 
  28. Queer film festival to remind me that I am not alone. 
  29. Grey's Anatomy. That it shows sexual orientation as just a part of life. 
  30. Interesting conversations that I can eavesdrop on. 
  31. The comfort SJ gives me in the middle of the night 
  32. Funny interactions with students. 
  33. The students enjoyment of the field trip. 
  34. That my students drew rainbows today. 
  35. Happy students. 
  36. That my students drew my dad with green hair. 
  37. My job
  38. Each of my students. 
  39. A student who is no longer at the school, but who I saw today. 
  40. For the goodness I found in the LDS church. 
  41. For a belief that God is our heavenly and perfectly loving parent. 
  42. For the ability to step away from the church.
  43. For formal separation. 
  44. For friends who are still my friends 
  45. For 128 stairs in the new library. 
  46. Thankful for the lilac festival. 
  47. I am thankful I could attend G's piano recital. 
  48. Music
  49. Free ice cream. 
  50. The film "Tell it to the Bees"
  51. That I was able to watch a second film for free. 
  52. The stories of people who have lived before me. 
  53. That I feel so safe with SJ and can fall asleep on her lap. 
  54. That I could invite my grandparents to our wedding. 
  55. Blood donation 
  56. I am thankful that gay people are people too. Just like anyone else. 
  57. I am thankful for kind strangers. 
  58. That I planned my lessons ahead for work. 
  59. Languages. All of them. 
  60. Humanity. All our basic connections that keep us together. 
  61. Rain that reduces wild fires. 
  62. That I got to sleep in today. 
  63. That I changed my windshield wipers
  64. Freedom to believe differently. 
  65. The ability to have friends who are different than me. 
  66. First responders who look after those in need. 
  67. Decisions made about our wedding. 
  68. Plans we have for food. 
  69. Clouds and blue skies. 
  70. I am thankful for the trust I have in Sandra. 
  71. I am thankful that she made me salad. 
  72. For food that doesn't make me feel worse.
  73. I am thankful for creative ways that the Internet gives us to express love. 
  74. I am thankful SJ had breakfast with me today. 
  75. And she made my lunch. 
  76. She made the bed. 
  77. She packed me cookies. 
  78. She sent me messages.  
  79. She's waiting for me at home. 
  80. She loves me unconditionally. 
  81. She values our relationship. 
  82. She values me. 
  83. My thankful for how she makes me feel. 
  84. For cool weather. 
  85. For the way G taught me to observe. 
  86. For scientific ways of viewing the world. 
  87. That I have no desire to drink alcohol. 
  88. That I avoided drugs when growing up. 
  89. I'm thankful for experts in teaching English. 
  90. I'm thankful for extra training.
  91. I'm thankful for extra hours at work.
  92. I am thankful for the assessments I got marked. 
  93. I am thankful for my experiences in a courthouse as a youth worker. 
  94. I am thankful for my experiences in the courthouse with my students. 
  95. I'm thankful for learningchocolate. 
  96. Esl-lab
  97. The many online resources. 
  98. I'm thankful for my increased motivation to do my job well. 
  99. I am grateful to be able to empower people through language. 
  100. I'm thankful for parents who love their children. 
  101. And children who love their parents. 
  102. Chocolate. 
  103. Snacks at trainings. 
  104. A variety of weather. 
  105. Oreos in my sister's cupboard. 
  106. The prairies of Alberta. 
  107. Pride rainbows. 
  108. Awkward conversations with coworkers about gender markers. 
  109. Conversations with students about gender. 
  110. Material I have planned for tomorrow.
  111. Presenters who can speak with our students. 
  112. Ideas that inspire. 
  113. Flowers that are purple and blue. 
  114. My sister's garden
  115. Raspberry plants
  116. Watermelon
  117. That I can enjoy "almost sunshine"
  118. There is a bathroom in my house and I am almost at my house. 
  119. The sound of water
  120. Fresh air
  121. My daily walk to and from the bus
  122. That water always manages to make a path 
  123. The way SJ looks at me. 
  124. That she is feeling better. 
  125. Opportunities to babysit 
  126. I'm thankful for crossword puzzles. 
  127. That I am getting better at crosswords. 
  128. SJ's visa was extended!!!
  129. New words my students learn. 
  130. Safe travels of 1000 km in two days. 
  131. Ice cream on sale!
  132. SJ's understanding of my not wanting to spend much money. 
  133. Seeing my coworker today who normally doesn't work mornings. 
  134. That I am generally not working evenings anymore. 
  135. Meeting SJ's cousin. 
  136. Connecting with children. 
  137. That I slept well last night, even though it was short. 
  138. That my blood work looks good. 
  139. Afternoon naps. 
  140. OPD
  141. No pressure about SJ having to leave the country. 
  142. Friends who are willing to help. 
  143. Friends who are willing to come visit. 
  144. Another teacher on the bus, so I can figure I am not late. 
  145. Bottle refunds. 
  146. Hands, so I can hold SJ's hands. 
  147. The coat I got for free. 
  148. Used goods that are sold for cheap. 
  149. Long car trips when I can talk with SJ for a long time. 
  150. Bikes. 
  151. People who care about their children. 
  152. My legs that can walk. 
  153. Breakfast
  154. Chocolate chips for breakfast 
  155. Free food at meetings. 
  156. Free meetings to teach me. 
  157. Thankful for laughter. 
  158. Thankful when my students laugh. 
  159. I am thankful for SJ, that she is home every night. 
  160. I am thankful that she holds me when I am anxious,
  161. And when I feel depressed. 
  162. I am thankful everything for our wedding is ordered. 
  163. Thankful that we are having a small wedding. 
  164. Thankful for my family members who are willing to come, even if they will feel uncomfortable. 
  165. I'm thankful for those who are excited about our wedding. 
  166. I am thankful that K will bring her kids. 
  167. To live in a multicultural city. 
  168. To never worry if I will have good to eat. 
  169. For Just Right. 
  170. For salad SJ made me. 
  171. For technology to connect with friends. 
  172. For every moment I spend with SJ
  173. For our moments of laughter. 
  174. Downtown 
  175. Everyone I can invite to our wedding 
  176. Everyone I want to invite to our wedding, even if I can't invite them. 
  177. A small wedding, even if that means we cannot many people. 
  178. BBQ 
  179. Meeting new people. 
  180. Naps on SJ's lap. 
  181. That we are all humans. 
  182. People who carry on in life's journey, even though the journey is hard. 
  183. People who have supported me in life. 
  184. My camp director who was always very supportive. 
  185. The times he told me that he likes the way I think. 
  186. His way of encouraging me and others. 
  187. Dads who spend time with their children. 
  188. SJ's openness and willingness to share about life with others. 
  189. That she will soon be my wife. 
  190. The married lesbian couple we met last night, suggesting marriage is possible for us too. 
  191. Fireflies. 
  192. Tomato plants. 
  193. The computer lab at work for days when I am feeling less creative. 
  194. Running shoes. 
  195. Semi formal shoes that I can wear to work. 
  196. The happy times we will have today. 
  197. The chance to go to an accepting church. 
  198. The stories in the Bible which motivate others to do good. 
  199. Other religious texts when they are used for good. 
  200. Freedom to believe, or not believe. 
  201. Churches which allow people to be flexible in their beliefs. 
  202. Churches which encourage questioning. 
  203. For those brave enough to start the pride movement and pride parades. 
  204. Shoelaces. 
  205. People who accept that different families are different and different is beautiful. 
  206. Families who accept their gay children. 
  207. Friends who accept their gay friends. 
  208. I'm thankful that everybody is different. 
  209. I'm thankful for those who believe that God's promises are for all. 

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Before it passes (352-580)

When I was in England I became very grateful for the sun, because the sun was so rare.  It has been rainy, and as I went hiking I was expecting cold weather, my only hope was that it wouldn't rain.  I prepared with lots of warm clothes. I was completely surprised when it was warm and sunny.  The sun made me so happy.  Today is my dad's birthday.  I was thinking about all the reason I am thankful for him.  I am grateful for my dad and all the good he brought into m life.  As I was reflecting with gratitude, I was reminded of the importance of being thankful now, not waiting until the good is gone.  

  1. I am grateful SJ understands me. 
  2. I am grateful she appreciates my art work. 
  3. I am thankful she appreciates my stories. 
  4. I am grateful she likes talking to me.
  5. I am grateful she wants to know me and understand me better. 
  6. I am grateful that she understands that I am not a night person.
  7. I am thankful for sunshine. 
  8. I am thankful that I didn't burn down my house today. 
  9. I am thankful we were able to video chat with SJ's parents. 
  10. I am grateful for my friend B and that I was able to message with her today. 
  11. I am thankful for cozy PJs. 
  12. I am SJ and I can babysit together. 
  13. I am thankful when my students laugh at my jokes. 
  14. I am thankful when I can be myself.
  15. I am thankful for my other friend B, and camels. 
  16. I am thankful that the days are getting warmer. 
  17. I am thankful that the days are getting longer. 
  18. I am thankful for pretty places to walk
  19. I am thankful Day are getting longer
  20. And warmer. 
  21. I am thankful for good chat with my friend S. 
  22. I am thankful for friends who can give advice about immigration. 
  23. I am thankful for every moment I get to spend with SJ. 
  24. I am thankful that I got to celebrate St. Patricia's day with my students. 
  25. I am thankful for yummy cake. 
  26. I am thankful that I know how to bake. 
  27. I am thankful for my bed. 
  28. I am thankful to be able to walk. 
  29. I am thankful for the quick bus ride to work. 
  30. I am grateful that my upstairs neighbours are generally quite. 
  31. I am thankful for big windows in my house. 
  32. I am thankful we had friends over to our new place. 
  33. I am thankful that the dog who lives upstairs is gentle. 
  34. I am thankful for the location of my house. 
  35. I am grateful that we found a nice route to walk. 
  36. I am thankful I will get to work on time.  
  37. I am thankful when my students have fun in Class. 
  38. I am grateful that work is done. 
  39. I am thankful when teachers ask me to sub. 
  40. I am thankful for Timbits. 
  41. I am thankful for dreams. 
  42. I am thankful our house feels like a home. 
  43. I am thankful for blankets and heaters. 
  44. I am thankful that our upstairs neighbours don't smoke in the house. 
  45. I am thankful they have cars so we can guess if they are home or not. 
  46. I am thankful for the many cultures in my city. 
  47. I am thankful I was able to talk openly with my friend. 
  48. I am thankful for simple wedding plans. 
  49. I am thankful SJ will greet me at home. 
  50. I am thankful that she is so understanding. 
  51. I am thankful that the ice is melting. 
  52. I am thankful for games I played that I can now use in my class. 
  53. I am thankful for my new house coat. 
  54. I am thankful for my new purple sweater. 
  55. I am grateful that I was able to finish my artwork. 
  56. I am grateful for our pots and pans. 
  57. I am grateful for SJ's Smile and laughter. 
  58. I am grateful for jokes. 
  59. I am thankful for change, repentance and second chances. 
  60. I am really grateful for my job. 
  61. I am thankful that no one got injured today. 
  62. I am grateful that SJ likes it when I sing. 
  63. I'm thankful that I find some comfort in prayer. 
  64. Thankful for another opportunity to sub. 
  65. Thankful for students who give positive feedback. 
  66. Thankful for a seat on the bus. 
  67. Thankful I can see my doctor for free!
  68. I am thankful that o feel better today than yesterday. 
  69. I am thankful for pretty places. 
  70. I am thankful for food. 
  71. I am thankful for my students researching about the upcoming election. 
  72. I am thankful for each of my teeth. 
  73. I am thankful for love which can be found in unusual places. 
  74. I am thankful for marriage commissioners. 
  75. I am thankful for snacks from my students. 
  76. I am thankful that I got free maps. 
  77. I am thankful that I am getting married!
  78. I am thankful to love someone. 
  79. I am thankful for buses. 
  80. I am thankful for government money given to my job. 
  81. I am thankful I got paid. 
  82. I am thankful for friends. 
  83. I am thankful for people who are excited about my wedding. 
  84. I am thankful that I am getting married to the girl I love. 
  85. I am thankful for equality laws in Canada. 
  86. I am thankful friendly marriage commissioners. 
  87. I am thankful for the one who will marry us. 
  88. I am thankful for her beautiful location. 
  89. I am thankful for her open and accepting nature. 
  90. Today 
  91. That we have bicycles to ride
  92. For SJ to ride bicycles with me
  93. I am thankful that I have muscles to be sore
  94. Alberta
  95. National Parks
  96. I am getting married in five weeks
  97. Cascade ponds
  98. My adventurous girl
  99. Cows Ice cream
  100. Sunscreen 
  101. Lake Louise 
  102. Snow in May
  103. Gorp and Dates
  104. Hiking 
  105. Blue Skies
  106. Mountain Views
  107. Trails and Trail Guides
  108. Refundable Bottles
  109. Elk 
  110. Ground Squirrels and Gophers
  111. Rainy Days that make me appreciate the sunshine 
  112. Rainbows
  113. Green Grass
  114. To teach to beginners
  115. Water, the sort that flows
  116. Frozen Lakes
  117. Canadian Traffic Laws
  118. Confidence when I drive 
  119. Best Copilot ever 
  120. Snacks
  121. Double chocolate cookies
  122. Apple and strawberry Pie
  123. Days off in the middle of the week
  124. I am thankful for churches
  125. Friendly people who help us feel welcome
  126. Free Food
  127. Free Ice cream sandwiches 
  128. That the bike path between Banff and Canmore is pretty flat
  129. Air conditioner in cars
  130. Heating in cars 
  131. That the census will be done soon
  132. I am thankful for my professor who keeps in contact with me
  133. For friends that I've known for a long time
  134. Thrift stores 
  135. Every time I see a posted speed limit sign
  136. Cheerios
  137. For my friend D who keeps fighting even the life is hard
  138. For inspirational quotes
  139. Riley Armstrong 
  140. Tegan and Sara 
  141. Feist 
  142. SJ has a place she loves to volunteer
  143. That SJ volunteers with me
  144. Advice from coworkers 
  145. Lip Balm
  146. Friendly drivers who wait for me to run for the bus. 
  147. Banana muffins in the freezer. 
  148. A seat in the bus. 
  149. I can run. 
  150. Friday is wear jeans to work day. 
  151. Leaves on the trees
  152. Tulips blooming. 
  153. It feels like spring. 
  154. The relative safety I experience here. 
  155. Rain. Particularly forest fire preventing rain. 
  156. Almost friendly encounter with my neighbour. 
  157. Bike helmets. 
  158. The friendly next door neighbours (who might be a lesbian couple)
  159. Clean streets. 
  160. Accepting churches where I can hold SJ's hand. 
  161. Chocolate for free at work. 
  162. Candy at work. 
  163. Excited students. 
  164. My desk at work. 
  165. Friendly coworkers. 
  166. My laptop. 
  167. Computer lab times. 
  168. Canada post. 
  169. The friends of my friends who support them. 
  170. Rainbows painted places. 
  171. Train announcements. 
  172. My blouse for my wedding. It came all the way from Mexico. 
  173. We have wedding shoes
  174. We have wedding pants
  175. We have plates and napkins for our wedding. 
  176. I am thankful for white chocolate chips that make SJ happy. 
  177. I am thankful for toothpaste and toothbrushes. 
  178. I'm thankful for gratitude. 
  179. For the strength to open my eyes today,
  180. The ability to see goodness. 
  181. Mayday trees. 
  182. Games like Imaginiff. 
  183. Bubble tea. 
  184. Omelettes. 
  185. My friend J. Her willingness to be open with us. 
  186. Toilets. 
  187. Public washrooms. 
  188. Indoor plumbing. 
  189. That I can journal a bit in Spanish. 
  190. Opportunities to practice Spanish. 
  191. I am thankful for choices. I can choose to bus or drive. 
  192. I'm thankful for lesbians, that I am not alone in the world. 
  193. For the example of those who have gone before me. 
  194. Long hours of daylight
  195. Every hug and cuddle from SJ. 
  196. Those who have fought for freedoms, human rights and permission to love whom we love. 
  197. Cameras. The ability to take and print photos. 
  198. Memories. 
  199. Phone cameras. 
  200. I am thankful that I can change. 
  201. Thankful for the relationship that SJ has with her mom. 
  202. And my mom. 
  203. And my daddy. 
  204. Thankful for the moments near the end of his life when he was happy. 
  205. For the hikes we went on together. 
  206. For his gentle nature. 
  207. For his faith which kept him going. 
  208. For his smile. 
  209. For his hugs and cuddles. 
  210. I am thankful for each of the many stories that he read me before I slept. 
  211. I'm thankful for the times he tickled my toes to wake me up. 
  212. For his beard. 
  213. I am thankful to those who complimented his soccer skills and called him a super goal tender. 
  214. I'm thankful for his knowledge of Spanish. 
  215. For the language he taught me. 
  216. The mountains we summited together. 
  217. For his characteristic white hair. 
  218. For his great calm voice. 
  219. His willingness to try cooking. 
  220. Junk food on camping trips. 
  221. The stories my dad told me about his brother. 
  222. Smitty's
  223. Edson. 
  224. Jasper. 
  225. Cavity mountain. 
  226. Rain, especially when it means no forest fires. 
  227. I'm grateful for second chances. 
  228. I'm grateful for mercy and grace, that we don't need to be perfect our first try at something. 
  229. I am grateful for my aunt J.