Monday, 28 March 2011

My religion is loving Mormons

They say that whatever gets you out of bed in the morning is your religion. This morning I knew that I could sleep an hour longer, but I chose to get up so that I could have Elroy, a Latter-day Saint, as my bus driver. I knew when his bus came, and I got on it. It is an 11 minute bus ride from my house to the office, but to me those 11 minutes were worth an hour of sleep. We talked about jazz, a lot about jazz, and about not too much more than jazz. He told me that he had been doing a lot of snow removal in the past week, and we talked about the radio, and then about jazz.


  1. Wow, Yeti. You must really love Elroy, and Jazz, to be willing to lose a whole hour of sleep! I am impressed.:)

  2. It is something which I do not really understand. I have a deep love for all who are in the LDS Church.

  3. May I ask another personal question?The way you worded your comment- are you a member of the LDS Church?

    May I also ask what you do in Calgary?

    Hoping the weather is good where you are and that you are having a good night.

    It is a bit chilly where I am (Utah) but Spring is on the way- my tulips are popping up everywhere! :)

  4. ah the weather. we have had nothing but snow the past few days. There were very pretty big flakes of snow tonight, I did enjoy them. Being that it the end of March, many would not consider that great weather, but it is not -20 so I do not mind. I think it is beautiful.
    I am not a member of the LDS Church, nor have I ever been. I am a youth worker, and a part time student, but mostly just a youth worker.
    have a good evening.