Sunday, 9 April 2017

No More Whining

In my sister’s car I noticed a container of brightly coloured Tic Tacs.  I picked them up and my sister informed me that they are for those who put on their straps themselves without whining.  Feeling a childish sense of pride, I pointed to my secured seatbelt and happily took a Tic Tac.  I had, after all, put it on without complaining.  I was reflecting on this experience as I walked to church this morning.  I was wondering what made it so hard for my three year old nephew to put on his straps, and for me a returned missionary, to go to church, without whining.  For my nephew, perhaps when he knows what he has to do, whining is a way to keep hold of a little bit of control.  I may be no different.  I know it is important for me to go to Church.  I know it is required if I am going to receive all the blessings God wants to give me, if I am going to progress and become who I want to become.  For my nephew to receive a candy, it is not good enough for him merely to get the straps on himself, he must do it without whining.  When he does, the candy is guaranteed.  I am sure the same is true with me and God.  His promises are sure.  I believe that if I go to Church, digging in my heels and whining, he will still bless me, but I will be miserable. If I cheerfully go to church, holding nothing back, not even my attitude, he will pour out blessings in abundance, and I will be able to receive them all.  Until I give all, I will not be able to receive all the Father has to give.  This reminded me of a talk given by Neal A. Maxwell in which he concludes “Consecration thus constitutes the only unconditional surrender which is also a total victory!”  I want that total victory, and so I must totally surrender.  Cheerfully. 

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