Friday, 4 May 2012

Creative Vegan Baking

So this is my third post this week (and after blogging about blogging in moderation too... oops), but I wanted to show off my creative vegan baking.

I made icecream cupcakes!

 I made a white cake, and then added some red food dye and strawberry flavour, so I made strawberry tall cake.  It tasted alright, but was actually very sweet.

I did have some troubles with the cooking of these, for example, how do you get the cones to stand up in the oven?  I cut into a tin dish, but learned that the deeper you go the less your cones can tip.  unfortunately I did not learn that right away.  Like an icecream cone, on a hot summer day, where the icecream falls off, so were some of my cones.  My first remedy was icing.  But we were low on icing sugar, so I had to use it in moderation.

But some of my cones had no"icecream" left on top at all, so I had to be more creative.

At work last week I was involved in making 500 cakepops (yes I do have possibly one of the best jobs ever).  So I used my cakepop making knowledge to make a cakepop top for my icecream cone.  I then took vegan chocolate chips and melted them and dipped the cakepop in there.

 The icecream cones were not my main focus though. I really wanted to bake heart cupcakes.

I got this idea from a picture I saw on google.  The process involved first baking the white cake, then cutting it into heart shapes, and then putting chocolate cake batter all around it  (and on top if it too).  I did not do the best job of this.  many of my cupcakes had white pieces sticking out, but hey, that is what icing is for... right?  After I iced them i realised how these cupcakes are sort of impractical.  the problem is that after icing them they only make hearts if you cut them in the right way, and after you ice them, how do you know what way that is?  Well, I think they exist mostly for taking a picture of them and putting them on one's blog so that one can look impressive.  I hope you are impressed.


  1. Way impressed!

    1) Vegan baking sounds hard to me... but then I remember that you just don't use eggs and milk products... I don't always use those things but for certain things that for sure takes some more thought of how to do it, so good for you!

    2) The multi-flavors- way impressive. I haven't tried that at all in cakes.

  2. thanks!

    I have a great, and easy chocolate cake recipe. I like it because it should make any weird subsitiutions, but just seems to leave the eggs out. That mean I probably have all the ingredients for it.

    This was my first time ever adding flavouring to cake. I think it went okay. I wanted to make the icecream cone cake rainbow, but my mom only had two colours of food colouring, red and green... Christmas?

  3. That is pretty impressive! And I think Christmas cupcakes could heart-shaped with green outside.

  4. maybe in December. of One could do tree shaped green on the inside and red on the outside...