Tuesday, 1 May 2012

slightly Out of Place

On Ash Wednesday I made a last minute decision to give up blogging (and primarily the reading of blogs) for Lent.  I made this decision because I was feeling super busy at that time, and I thought that blogging was the least valuable thing I did that consumed a lot of time which I could get rid of. 

I find many in our society spend a lot of time entertaining themselves either through fictional stories (primarily movies) or the lives of celebrities.  I generally think that I would rather spend my time getting to know my neighbours and hearing the stories of friends. 

Shortly after Lent began I read two books in a week.  I don’t normally read so much.  Anyhow, it made me realise that reading blogs is really just like reading short stories, or novels one chapter at a time.  Reading really isn’t bad, and blogs are the thoughts of real people, with whom I can have some (if only minimal) interaction.   

So I really don’t think blog reading is a bad thing.  It can take up too much of my time.  That is true, but in moderation it is good.  So, hopefully I can be part of the blogger world in moderation.

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  1. I think you have awesome thoughts! :) I agree there is a need for balance between life and sharing things with others/reading about others' journeys. It's a hard balance to strike...but I tend to think most things in life are about balance.

    I think in many ways I regret not knowing some of the awesome people whose blogs I follow, as you expressed.

    This was my first year to be a part of the Lenten season as a United Methodist, since Mormonism doesn't follow the Christian calendar. It was very powerful and comforting to me to focus on preparing for Easter; and now, to focus on the Easter season.

    Keep up the great thoughts! :)