Friday, 14 May 2010

Three Steps to Falling in Love:

I have just started trying to read my Bible differently. Too often I see it as a book to support my views, I read over it as say “see, I am right.” I no longer want to read the Bible like that. I actually decided that a while ago, but more recently I have thought of a new way to read it. (because it is hard to stop reading it one way if you have no other way to put in its place). I started asking the question “who is God?” as I read. I am trying to figure out who he is so that I can love him.
One of the girls at my youth group is obsessed with a boy whom she affectionately refers to as MJ. She was looking at pictures of him tonight, and gleaning information off of them. “He wears Abercrombie... he has beautiful Abs” etc. I thought, I wish I was as obsessed with God as she is with MJ. The better thing with being obsessed with God is that God loves me back. I want to fall in love with God.


  1. i like this. this is a good thought.
    an appreciated thought.

  2. Stellar post. Unique and profound perspectives. Thank you!