Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Thank You Strangers

Sunday was a rough day when it came to driving.
There was a lot of snow.
My car is not built for life in Canada.
So when someone cut in front of me, try as I may, I could not slow down.
I ended up in the snow on the side of the road.
The car I hit pulled off the road some 200 meters ahead.
I would have driven up to him, but I was stuck in the snow.
My friends and I got out of my car, and started moving the snow away with our feet.
A stranger stopped.
He listened.
And he got my car unstuck for me.
Thank you stranger!

I continued on my way.
I think I chose the wrong way.
Suddenly, in front of me was a big hill.
try as I may, my car wasn't going very fast.
Then it wasn't going at all.
My friends got out at tried to push.
It went a little ways.
I hoped I might be able to get up the rest of the hill.
I told them to get in.
Big truck, races in front of me, reverses until it is near me.
Man in truck get out, pulls out ropes, pulls me up the hill.
Thank you stranger!

I dropped my friends off.
I got stuck at their house.
They dug me out.
I went inside for tea.
Then I left.
I was driving, alone.
There was a hill.
I spoke to my car.
"You're a race car, Eustace!  You can do it!"
Then the light turned red.
I knew I had time to stop.
but then I couldn't go again.
Strangers pulled up behind me.
They got out.
They pushed.
I moved.
Thank You Strangers!

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