Sunday, 19 June 2011

Why not...?

I have been put face to face with my pride recently. I was reading a book about woman in leadership (especially Church leadership) which suggested that men are often unwilling to learn from woman because of their pride. But what about woman? What about me? It occurred to be that I may be too proud to learn from woman as well. Somehow I can get caught up thinking that I a better than the average female. I start thinking that they are all touchy feely and none of them use their brain very much. I easily believe that there is nothing good about being touchy feely and that I have nothing to learn from them. sorry, I am wrong. I need to live like I believe that I can learn something from everyone, because I can, and because I am not better than them. I tend to judge people quickly and then decide whether or not I can learn from them, or if they are interesting to me. I dismiss people quickly. I don’t give them a chance. This too is wrong. And it is degrading. I say that I believe that all people are valuable, but I don’t treat them all as if they are. I need to learn to treat people right, but what if I am unwilling to learn from the person who can teach me this? It is time that I push through the boundaries I have created.


  1. Yeti,

    I had a boss once who told me we can learn from everyone we work for, either how we want to treat our subordinates, or how we don't. By extension, I think we can learn from every person we meet, either their attributes or their ... well, you get the idea. But your post raises the point I think Jesus was trying to teach us, which is an even better message: to look for the GOOD in everyone because if you do, you will find it and you can surely learn from it. Great post! Thanks!

    BTW, I'd love to know the title of that book.

  2. Ha! I just looked over to the right and SAW the book! Now don't I feel silly!