Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Lesson From Snow

It was snowing again this morning, and I am still enjoying the snow. As I sat by the window and watched it fall, I realised why I like it so much. Without the snow, everything is dirty and yucky. The snow covers that up, it makes it beautiful. I watched as the snow covered the dead leaves on our deck, It makes it beautiful, but I know it will melt and the dirtiness will still be there. In the end, the snow doesn’t stay forever; the dirt has to be dealt with. The dirt doesn’t stay forever either. Transformation happens. Spring comes, but first the snow has to melt. First it has to get ugly. I started thinking introspectively. What am I trying to keep covered with snow? What is ugly that needs to be transformed? There are a couple people at work who I don’t really like. I can cover that up, and get along with them, for the most part, but sometimes my frustration towards them comes out. I don’t want to try to hide this. I don’t want to try to be nice. I don’t want to pretend. I want to be transformed. I want to love them as God loves them. I don’t know how this transformation will happen, but I know that I am not capable of bringing it about by myself, so I pray that God will change me. But I am afraid that first it might get ugly.

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