Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Dream Big

someday i wanna skateboard somewhere, far away, thats my dream, what is your dream, like a dream for life, my other one, is to set up a hangout place for teens in calgary, but recently it is to skatebaord, to like canmore or something,4 hours drive, but forever on a board. what else. i am writting a story, it is taking a while, but i am at a point where i need to make up some background, and am not sure how exactly what it will be. stories, they are fun to write. What do you think about when you ride horses, cause when i ride horses i think about not falling off, and hoping the horse will keep moving, and not run into a tree. but that might just be me. how long would it take, to skateboard to reddeer?? that i think i wanna find out, my problem is i have no time to do my massive skateboard trip, cause i got school, and i cant much go in the winter, i was thinking spring break, but it still might be too cold, i was thinkingnext summer, but then i wanna work at my camp as a cook. i think that dreams are looked down apone, never taken seriously, i heard this kid talking, i think t his mom, about how he wanted to be in the NHL, but the kid said 'that's a silly dream" cause that is what he had always been told, but his mom told him it was not silly, it would take lots of work, but he could do it. that made me happy, cause i dont think enough poeple believe in others dreams andhow, random rant from patricia...

i wrote that al loooong time ago, highschool? before i had my longboard gr 12 id say, and now, i wanna hand out the metro
"goodmorning, would you like a metro?" "please recycle"

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  1. That's awesome.

    I love how the big paragraph turned into a small one about handing out the Metro. I'd take it from you if I saw you handing it out.