Sunday, 21 October 2007

lo, where do we stand in the face of death?

Alas, the world is dying
and there is nothing left to hold
Earth giving way beneath their feet
Sky turning grey, hearts going cold

Woe to those around me
My heart reaches out to you
From deep inside, piercing cries
Look, look until you know what’s true

Hark, for soon will be to late
Look up; look out from the inside.
For pleasures and passions will all pass on,
Come in, come out and gone with the tide.

Alas, the world is dying
Am I the only one alive?
For the world’s slipping from beneath their feet
And I feel alone though I survive

Woe to those who cannot stand
Take my hand; take my hand.
But alone they fight for personal rights
Though truth if free, it’s not their demand

Hark, all of you who are with me
All of you who are on your feet
Look, look we are not alone
Together we are not incomplete.


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